Scruffy's Travels
(The First Six Months)
After a long battle of good versus evil in the SSIM series, Scruffy decided to take a well deserved vacation -- destination unknown.

It started on Burnaby Mountain not far from Downtown Vancouver, Canada.  Burnaby Mountain is home to Simon Fraser University.  This university's modern design has made it known throughout the world as a film location for Science-fiction movies and television shows such as The Outer Limits and the X files.

Scruffy was first picked up by CanadianBacon (03/23/06) who took the little skunk to Dollerton Mountain.  That's where Wild Wiggly Beanz spotted him (04/07/2006).  Ms. Beanz obviously thought little Scruffy needed a bath.   He was submerged in a tank of skunk eating fish before Ms. Beanz submitted him to a pop quiz on the places he may visit.  When Scruffy was able to name all the monuments she sent him on way.
The next stop was Chilliwack, British Columbia (05/03/06).  Scruffy didn't see any trolls under the bridge.  Canada is not known for trolls.  It was then Scruffy decided he would embark on an adventure like no other. Further and Further into the forest little Scruffy travelled.  Hitching a ride with Kokai (05/05/06) he met a wise old bear in Manning Park who told him that great adventure awaits...
Little Scruffy didn't stay in Canada long.  Chichimus gave the little guy a free plane ticket and before Scruffy knew it he was wandering the historic countryside of the Emerald Isle.

The first stop in Ireland was the ruins of Dungiven Priory (05/24/2006).  It was there Scruffy learned of the rag tree and how the magical waters would keep his health throughout the journey. 

Scruffy hitched a ride with Fleetwinders and it was off to England's Thorston Trail (08/10/2006) where Scruffy was shown a wonderful seat with magical swag imbedded in clear resin.

Scruffy met many geocachers who took him to mystical places in the woods.  But just when he least expected it,  Scruffy was taken by a family of Bowers and locked in a spooky tower. (09/03/2006)

What to do?  What is a skunk to do locked in a tower?  Thankfully, Scruffy remembered the teachings of childhood and it was just then that his knight in shining armour appeared.  "Scruffy, fair Scruffy, let down your stinky tail," Gruntyv8 called from far below.  What joy it was to hear those words.  For Scruffy knew he was saved.  Down the tower the tail unfurled and up the tail Gruntyv8 climbed -- choking all the way. (10/04/2006)

Saved at last!  But just where does a skunk go to recover from imprisonment?  Blackpool of course.  Yes, it was time for Scruffy and his saviour to enjoy the sights and sounds of England's most famous seaside resort (10/06/2006).  From a tower of imprisonment to a tower of beauty!

Scruffy is currently meeting with the good people of Dewsbury, W Yorkshire while paying tribute to Mark "the Cat"

Who knows what destiny lay ahead for Scruffy.  Stay tuned...