a geocaching odyssey through time.
Where are you Caching?

While hunting for that illusive treasure you find yourself passing unusual structures, old ruins, and haunting monuments.  You notice notches cut into massive rotting stumps and chunks of machinery rusting in the distant forest.   Broken bricks are strewn across your path.

The average muggle may dismiss these artefacts as urban garbage, but to the keen-eyed geocacher,  it's obvious that the area  was once used for something else.

Many of Vancouver's parks are built on land reclaimed from the massive factories of the industrial age.  Other parks are built on ancient Native lands.  Among the neatly cut trails and manicured gardens hidden clues to the past are everywhere.

This site is designed as a supplement to help make the caching experience more enjoyable.  The links below, primarily in the history tour section, will give a historical overview of the areas you will find Scruffster's caches.  You may just discover something more than expected during your next hunt.
History Tour
Scruffy Skunk
is Missing
and the Quest for
Aurora Island
Tales of the
Golden Skunk
A series of geocaches with a historical themeThe first mystery adventure published in 2005.A mystery series suited for childrenThe newest series based on the Rum Running Era
For those who have finished a mystery series and would like a personal souvenir, you can get it  HERE