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There was reason to celebrate at Expo 86 and celebrate we did.  There wasn't a day that went by without a ceremony of some sort. For those people that enjoyed pomp and parades, Expo 86 was definitely the place to be.

Fifty-four days during the run of the fair were set aside for the nations participating at Expo 86. And each nation took full advantage of their day to show off their country to the world.

Special Days were dedicated to the official sponsors. McDonalds, Minolta, and Labatts were just a few of the sponsors that tried to outdo each other during their special day at Expo 86.  It was during these days that visitors to the fair were showered with free stuff.

There were also days dedicated to multiculturalism, world religions, children, seniors, teenagers and families.

Specialized Periods showcased all modes of land, sea and air transportation. Each of the three specialized periods was two months in length.