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                                                        CLOSING DAY

The last day was said to have been the busiest day of the fair.  The peak of the tourist season was
over and most of the people visiting at that time were Vancouverites.  Getting anywhere fast was
more of a chore than a pleasure and it didn't take much imagination to assume the crowds of
people bumping into each other were the same crowds that shopped for Christmas presents on
December 24th.

People in long queues waited to get into the pavilions they enjoyed the first time around and
waited in even longer queues to see the pavilions they held off visiting until the last minute. 
Then there was the rush to get those stamps needed to complete the Expo Passport.  It was
common to hear people mention that they were scrambling from pavilion to pavilion to find that
perfect souvenir seen months before but they forgot which pavilion the illusive treasure was in? 
Still, spirits were high until the evening set in when it was time for the pavilions to close their
doors for the last time.

After the pavilions turned off their lights, the remaining fireworks were set ablaze for a grand finale. 
Every vantage point imaginable was lined thick with people trying to get one last look.  The
prominade was darkened for the double-length show.  Afterwards, the usual PA anouncement
urging visitors to "come back again" was absent.  The lights remained dim.  But, one beacon of
light shone brighter than all others.  Lit in gleeming white sparklers in the middle of False Creek
shedding tears of fire to the water below a single word illuminated the shores of Expo '86 ---

Expo '86 was over.

There was a closing night bash to say thank you to all the volunteers and Expo 86 employees.  On
the program below, notice that the entertainment included some rising stars including Ryan Styles
who would go on to make it famous in "The Drew Carey Show" and "Who's Line is it Anyway."